1980’s Time Warp

It was the decade of decadence. It was about glitz and glamour as well as baubles, bangles, and beads. Everyone loved Luke and Laura in the afternoon. Lady Diana became the People’s Princess when she married Prince Charles. Nighttime soaps like Dallas and Dynasty ruled the airwaves. President Ronald Reagan ruled the United States. Tom Cruise felt the need for speed. Michael Milliken was the Junk Bond King. Gordon Gekko taught Wall Street whiz kids that greed was good. Material Girl Madonna made her musical debut. What decade was it? We can only be talking about that terrific time period – the excellent eighties. Here are twenty-one ways for you to verify that you belong to (or belong in) the 1980’s. 1.Breakdancing on the sidewalk looked like fun. Now it just looks like you might break something. 2.You can still recite dialogue from any movie starring Molly Ringwald. 3.”Cell phones” meant the telephone people used when they got their “one phone call” in jail. 4.You had at least one of the following: a Cabbage Patch Kid, He-Man action figures, a Rubik’s Cube, or something with a Pac-Man logo on it. 5.You remember a lot of headlines about the Human Genome Project, which was a complete mapping of human DNA. You also remember how this was supposed to lead to the eradication of disease. 6.You remember the day that thousands of radio stations across the world played “We Are The World” at the exact same time. (Now, you’re singing it!) 7.Your first album was a vinyl 33 and you laughed at your parents because they wanted to play 45’s and 8-track tapes. 8.You know who Oliver North is and why he was in the news. 9.Someone on your street or neighborhood sent his or her life savings to a later discredited televangelist. 10.You hung out with your friends at the mall, especially in the video arcade where you exchanged those hard-earned quarters for tokens. 11.You know that “glasnost” means openness or transparency and “perestroika” means economic restructuring. 12.You and your friends made fun of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady. (The fictional woman was named Mrs. Fletcher and the product was the LifeCall emergency service.) 13.You inserted “like” liberally and unnecessarily throughout your sentences. Like so, “Like, that was, like, the hardest test we ever had. So after class, I was all like asking the teacher and she was like it wouldn’t have been hard if you had studied. Then I was like is that like wicked rude or what?” 14.You know there was only one way Dorothy on the Golden Girls could make Sophia behave. She simply said, “Shady Pines, Ma, Shady Pines.” 15.You’ve actually tasted New Coke. Extra points if you wrote to Coca-Cola and insisted they bring back the original formula. 16.You remember when there was no such thing as CNN, E!, or MTV. 17.Your parents were afraid you’d cut yourself putting on a snap bracelet. 18.You were inspired by Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court Judge, Sally Ride, the first female astronaut and Geraldine Ferraro, the first (and as of this writing only) female Vice Presidential candidate. 19.Renting horror movie sequels about Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers took up a lot of your time. 20.You loved the opposite sketches and green slime on You Can’t Do That On Television. 21.You played Atari, Intellivision, Sega, Nintendo, and Coleco until your hands went numb.

Content Management At Warp Speed

The new version of Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is here with a 40% increase in operating speed, globally tested and verified and optimized. Bitrix Site Manager is the flagship product of Bitrix, Inc., the leading developer of Content Management Software for managing web projects and is used widely around the world with client websites including Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. Bitrix Site Manager is delivered in source code, and was developed in PHP, Site Manager will run on any Windows or UNIX platform with MySQL, Oracle, Oracle XE, MSSQL or MSSQL Express as the back end database. With 80% of the clients utilizing MySQL it is no surprise that Bitrix is also a MySQL certified partner. Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 includes 21 modules for managing all aspects of a website and there is no need to be a web professional with a completely redesigned user interface that allows new users to become familiar with site management in a matter of hours. Aside from the Main Module and Site Explorer, there are also modules dealing with Workflow, managing your e-Store and a host of tools for web analytics, advertising, surveys and a helpdesk among many others. Modules are accessed through a completely rebuilt Control Panel with more than 300 forms and pages redesigned with users enjoying the following features: Smart Interface – a new feature allowing for flexible user settings Cutting edge AJAX technology for creating interactive web applications Up to 40% increase in operating speed Enhancements in product usability Smart Interface has been developed to ease and improve effective web site management while at the same time keeping the feel and capabilities that existing clients are already familiar with. Whether you are new or experienced the Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is easier to understand and utilize quickly and effectively while reducing web project expenses, reducing training and familiarization time and costs and eliminating mistakes due to frequently used operations being automated. The Control Panel now has three mode tabs, Public, Edit Site and the familiar Control Panel. With Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 in Public mode you see the site as is, while in Edit mode the control areas are highlighted and utilize management tools for ease of use and there is incredibly fast switching between the three modes while even a tab bar can be placed in browser window. Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is the obvious choice for a CMS solution with a well documented API allowing partners to deliver small-scale and enterprise class web projects with decreased costs and delivering enhanced business opportunities. The ease of use of Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 does not mean there has been a sacrifice in the delivery of complex and advanced web projects such as e-commerce facilities, flexible workflow, web analytics, and a helpdesk facility to provide a leading edge technology solution to clients. Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is also secure and it is constantly reviewed, checked and monitored by external web security specialists so the delivery of an effective, cost reducing CMS solution for clients is not impaired and the requirement for secure e-commerce is not compromised. For e-commerce sites, there is an Affiliate module, contained within the e-Store module, to enable the setting up and management of fully functional affiliate and dealer networks. Affiliates derive benefits from commission or fees based on volume of products sold or on the whole sales volume delivered. You are now also able to manage blogs and forums and filter out and delete obscene comments before they become public on your site. All Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 editions allow import and export of data from /to the information blocks in CSV format allowing communication with MS Excel for instance. Forum and Newsletter modules are included in the Small Business edition while IT managers will be pleased to see that the Enterprise Edition has an AD/LDAP module to simplify life.

Acai Berry Select Review: How To Loose Weight At Warp Speed Through Acai Berry Select?

Acai berry select review is always written keeping in mind the benefits it is going to provide to its end users. An acai berry select review is also supposedly promising when it comes to encouraging weight loss enthusiasts to shed their excessive pounds at warp speed. Taking cue from the above statement, my acai berry select review would be completely fair and impartial towards the product. I would be simply discussing the benefits of this wonderful supplement. I would also discuss how it helped me loose weight at a rapid pace. Acai Berry Select Is Completely Natural One of the biggest advantages of opting for acai berry select is that it happens to be made from completely natural ingredient. When it comes to comparing acai berry select with any other weight loss supplement, you can clearly see the difference. While the acai berry formula is made from completely natural ingredients, the fact still remains that most fat reducing supplements are made out of unnatural ingredients. Some may contain certain harmful chemicals as well. These may cause harm to the body. On the contrary, the ingredients used here are completely natural and free from any side effects. It Has Ingredients Which Encourage Rapid Weight Loss Acai berry select contains natural ingredients which can help you in loosing weight at a rapid pace. Apart from being harnessed from a fruit which is found deep within the confines of the Amazonian rain forests, the acai berry weight loss formula has been designed to help you reduce weight the natural way. Over here, you do not have to worry about drinking ample quantities of water to flush out the harmful chemicals. In case you are opting to loose weight through the means of a regular fat loss supplement, you would be required to flush the harmful chemicals out of your system. The Acai Berry Select Formula Is Good For Health It is interesting to note that the acai berry weight loss formula is considered better than the rest when it comes to maintaining sound physical as well as mental health. Acai berry fruit contains vital nutrients and it is therefore considered as a complete fruit. It contains rare anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, omega6 and omega9 fatty acids, proteins and rich dietary fiber. The combination is vital if you aspire to maintain sound health. Therefore, you need to try and maintain the intake of this wonderful supplement, as by doing so, you would be maintaining sound health. It Would Keep You Away From Diseases One of the biggest advantages of opting for the wonder berries is maintaining sound health. Whenever you are worried about your health, you need to try and make sure that you take adequate quantities of this miraculous fruit. Not only do you loose weight through acai berries, you also get to stay away from illnesses. These berries have natural antioxidants which strengthen your body and help them in fighting various illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis, heart attacks, aging, skin diseases and ill-mental health. Include Bowtrol Colon Cleanse In order to loose weight at a rapid pace, you need to try and include colon cleanse in your diet. A colon cleanser is supposedly essential in maintaining your health as it naturally cleanses your damaged colon. Once your colon is free from waste matter, it would start to function appropriately and you can easily loose weight the natural way.

Vauxhall Zafira VXR – Warp Speed The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Just the other day I was peacefully carving up the tarmac on the motorway, when I saw a couple of nuances that I’d never noticed before. BMW drivers never indicate and Volkswagen Golf GTi ‘drivers’ are more of a danger to the planet than global warming. And so it was left to a Vauxhall driver at a set of traffic lights to re-instate my faith in owning a practical car, that looks good, goes like the clappers and doesn’t stereotype me into being hated. What I witnessed at first had me checking I’d taken my medication. Mr Vauxhall driver had a pretty wife in the front, five screaming kids in the back and more luggage than any carousel at Heathrow in the boot. In a scene not too dissimilar to that bit in Star Trek when they say ‘warp speed’ and your television goes all funny and blurry, the lights went green and the Zafira – yes Z-A-F-I-R-A – a people carrier, was gone. Was the wife actually Spock? Was William Shatner back from his legal stuff in Boston? No. Before the Zafira disappeared I caught sight of the badge on it’s rear ‘Vauxhall VXR’. Now I’d agree that you have every right to be sceptical that the Vauxhall VXR range which encompasses the (deep breath): Corsa, Astra, Vectra, Monaro, Meriva and Zafira, is no bigger or better than the deluge of other performance cars other manufacturers currently produce. They all promise that heady mix of the practicality and safety you get with the base model topped off with a sadistic, whiplash inducing engine for your extra cash. Personally I’m at the stage in my life (well I’m 24 but I like to think I’m no longer a boy racer) where I want the speed but also a bit of sophistication. Gone are the days of strapping an exhaust the size of a small village to my shed and screaming “look at me” to the passing kebab houses. The fact there is so much performance metal to chose from means that prices are competitive and the standard is high. So what are the options? Well we can exclude the Golf GTi because I can drive, the Renault Clio F1 197 has an “F1 inspired rear diffuser” that shows as clear a link to their F1 car as the Arctic Monkeys are inspired by Cliff Richard. The Seat Leon Sport is brutish, the Mini Cooper ‘S’ is titchy and for hairdressers and the Honda Civic Type R is flawless…until they went and spoiled it all by doing something stupid like a new model. This then leaves us with the two great rivals, the Oasis and Blur of the motoring world: Vauxhall and Ford. Where Vauxhall have the Corsa VXR, Ford have the Fiesta ST. Ford Focus ST? How about the Vauxhall Astra VXR? Tit for tat these motoring giants slog it out with cars similarly specified and priced and with spot-the-difference performance figures. Personally I’m a VXR man, but sales figures show that both companies have fans of equal measure. Until we reach the completely unique Vauxhall Zafira VXR… The fact this article is dedicated to a people carrier is surely testament enough to it’s prowess, but as a further endorsement, this article is about “the fastest production MPV ever made” – impressive. Remember how the extra two seats in an MPV had to be left on the driveway when you wanted more boot space? The Zafira solved that by ingeniously having them fold into the floor of the car. It’s also claimed the maximum five star NCAP safety rating for an MPV. The VXR version has all this to it’s name and 237bhp which helps achieve a top speed of 144mph and a 0-60 time of 7.2 seconds. It comes equipped with Recaro racing seats, VXR styling cues from Vauxhall’s British Touring Car programme and a ‘sport’ button which increases steering and throttle response when pressed – all whilst piloting six others and your luggage! You may expect the car to roll over like the lovable family dog, but even the cornering is poised. I’d be a liar if I said it didn’t roll more than the Corsa derivative for example, but compared to any other people carrier it’s simply breathtaking. From a buyer’s perspective expect decent residuals as the depreciation on the old, less powerful GSi version strongly suggests I’m not alone in my admiration of the ultra-fast people-carrier combination. Granny in the back may not appreciate the performance, but to your kids you’ll be daddy cool. The insult of having to own a fun-less people carrier has never fallen so flat on it’s face.

Warp Speed Wealth By Derek Gehl From IMC – An Honest Review

There has been a lot of buzz around Derek’s Gehl Warp Speed Wealth system that was released April 2006. Many people were wondering why the Internet Marketing Centre (IMC) releases a similar product to their ‘flag ship’ product the Internet. Well, it’s easy to explain. The ‘Internet Marketing Course’ is the flagship course of IMC. It explains simply just everything. Not one single detail is missing and you have to work the course in order to make it happen. Well, because many people are interested in getting some quick revenues, Derek Gehl and his IMC team have decided to launch a smaller version of the IMC course that explains the most important steps how to make money on the internet – quickly! Derek Gehl has condensed all the important information how to create ‘information products’ to sell for massive income and put it together in the Warp Speed Wealth System. For all who don’t know Derek Gehl. He is the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center since August 2005 after the sudden death of internet guru and legend: Corey Rudl – the guy who converted $20 US into a $40 Million US internet empire. I have bought the Warp Speed Wealth System and worked with program. I would like to give an honest and full review on this system. If you consider buying this program read on and make up your own mind. Delivery to Australia took only less than a week and the program arrived in a glossy professionally made box. I found a lot of material and was quite shocked at the beginning: ‘how can I ever find the time to go through all this material’. But I sat down and made a plan to watch one DVD a week. Sounds not a lot but each DVD is accompanied with a workbook manual, so you certainly need some time. If you consider buying this course you can watch the DVD’s maybe in a shorter period of time. There are DVD’s where Derek talks ‘Live’ on stage on one of this weekend seminars. That’s really powerful stuff and you have to keep in mind that you’ll have exactly the same experience as the people who paid over $2,000.00 in travel expenses to watch Derek ‘live’ in person. There are over four hours of training on these DVDs. That includes carefully chosen highlights of Derek’s seminar ‘SPILLING MY GUTS’ in special ‘break out’ clips. I personally enjoyed the concept of ‘How to find hot Products to sell on the internet’ and how to avoid the #1 mistake made by 90% of Internet entrepreneurs. Derek explains step-by-step that you NEED to search for a market FIRST, before you make a product and not create your product first and then look for the market. Listen, if you are new to internet marketing and want to prosper from it (basically everyone can), this information is basically a Must-Read in my view. I haven’t found such a detailed but easy to follow plan how to information products and earn big. Here are some topics of the Warp Speed Wealth System by Derek Gehl, IMC: * Where to find FREE tools that you can use to create a web site — in less than a few hours! * How to save thousands of dollars and build your own money-making web site quickly and easily (even if you’re totally new to computers)! You do NOT need to know HTML! * How to Drive 1,000’s of Eager Buyers to Your Web site — Exclusive 55-page Guide * Make Thousands Every Month By Recruiting A Sales Force of 100… 1000… even 10,000 People Who Will Do All Of Your SELLING FOR YOU!* (In this third guidebook, you’ll discover the exact same strategies Derek uses to attract over 1.8 million visitors to my sites every single month… !!!!) But, there is much more… You will also meet Jermaine Griggs, a 21-year-old kid from the inner city making $800,000 a year with exactly this system. This is an amazing story and the interview with Cory and Jermaine of an additional bonus DVD is truly inspiring. But that’s not all…Derek gives you also some excellent bonuses you need to have, like ‘Derek’s Rolodex of 167 Must-Have Internet Marketing Resources. I was amazed also by his $50 US Yahoo! Search Marketing voucher. That means you can get immediately a Yahoo! Search marketing advertising account and you can bid on some of your keywords. I actually tried this PPC offer first and placed some bids on keywords promoting another affiliate program. I was amazed when I checked my Clickbank account that I have made two sales overnight. Wow ! That’s all what I could say. So, overall WARP SPEED WEALTH is the most comprehensive system you can find on the internet to make money. Of course there is some time involved to work the program but basically you can get started immediately and have your first product out in a couple of weeks time.